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Local News

  • Article: May 7, 2019
    By Tom Brake

    The Liberal Democrats made 703 gains in last week's local elections - our best results ever. Given our nearly 3 years of campaigning for a People's Vote, if you were Labour or the Tories, what Brexit lesson would you take from that?

    I'm going to guess it wouldn't be "push Brexit through faster". And yet, losing nearly 1500 seats between them, that's exactly what they're trying to do. What?

  • Article: May 6, 2019

    Fired up by Thursday's local election result and want to make it happen in your area too?

    Here's what you can do:

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  • Article: May 6, 2019

    Where can I vote?

    You can choose whether to vote in your home country, or in the UK.

    If you want to vote in the UK - keep reading!

    Who's eligible?

    The Liberal Democrats are THE voice for all those who wish the UK to remain a member of the EU.

    You're eligible to vote in the elections if you're a UK resident over 18 by polling day, and either:

  • Article: May 6, 2019
    By Liberal Democrats

    Just three short weeks has passed since the European Union granted the UK a Brexit extension (a "Brextension", if you will). The new cliff edge will fall on the rather spooky date of 31st October - whether the leaders of the EU27 were giggling when they suggested this is not known.

    Parliament here in the UK has responded by taking its foot off the pedal, as MPs dispersed for their Easter holidays. Indeed, the Prime Minister seems to have had a lovely time schlepping around the Welsh countryside.

  • Article: May 5, 2019

    Today we join the millions of Muslims in the UK and across the world in welcoming the Holy Month of Ramadan.

    Across the country, British Muslim communities will be taking time aside to engage in acts of charity, prayer and self-reflection.

    The contributions of British Muslims to Britain are ever-growing; adding to the richness and diversity of our nation. However, we are witnessing a worldwide resurgence of exclusionary, right-wing nationalism that has led to acts of terror against the Muslim community. We demand better.

  • Article: May 4, 2019

    How do I stop Brexit?

    So you're a remainer - and you want to use your vote in the European elections send a message - that you want to stop Brexit.

    How do you do that?

    Well, there's only one remain party with the strength to beat the Brexit parties, elect a huge group of remain MPs and send a message that can't be ignored.

  • Article: May 4, 2019

    Our performance in last night's local elections defied even our most optimistic expectations. We made a net gain of 12 councils and over 700 councillors - and the press noticed. We were pride of place on the Guardian's homepage:

    The BBC couldn't ignore the huge gains we made in previously Tory heartlands:

  • Article: May 3, 2019

    What. A. Day.

    1271 (and counting) Liberal Democrat Councillors elected. 647 Councillor gains.

    We held control of every Council we were defending. We won control of twelve more.

    That officially makes this local election our best ever - smashing through the previous record by a country mile.

    Just as good - hundreds of people have joined the Liberal Democrats. It's our fastest day of membership growth in almost two years.

  • Article: May 3, 2019

    We had an amazing night in yesterday's local elections. Voters are swinging behind us and the results show it - we have over 500 new Lib Dem councillors and have taken control of 12 new councils!

    It's clear people have had enough of the old, broken politics of the Conservative and Labour parties. Social media was ablaze yesterday with voters casting their ballot for us:

  • Article: May 3, 2019

    There's nothing better than waking up to "Lib Dem GAIN" after a night of elections. And there's been a long, long list of those after last night. We're absolutely delighted - congratulations to all our hardworking activists!

    Winning The Office GIF

    With over seventy councils yet to declare, we're up over 450 councillors and have gained control of 9 new councils:

  • Article: May 3, 2019

    Good morning - and make no mistake - this is a very good morning for the Liberal Democrats.

    We've held every council we're defending so far!

    We've also gained control of seven more, in Vale of the White Horse, Hinckley & Bosworth, North Norfolk, Bath and North East Somerset, Cotswolds and Chelmsford.

    We're topping the polls in seats like Southport, Hazel Grove, St Albans and Cheadle.

    We're making strong progress in Dacorum, Welwyn Hatfield, Broxtowe, Wokingham, Brentwood, Southend, New Forest, Barnsley and Sunderland. The list goes on and on.

    Overnight, it looks likely we'll have made more than 250 net gains and that's before many more counts start this morning.

    To everyone who has made this possible, I want to say thank you. More Liberal Democrat councils and councillors means we can get more change in communities across the country.

    It also gives our European Election campaign a huge boost.

    We've got campaign action days this weekend up and down the country - and Liberal Democrats everywhere should have a spring in their step!

    If we can repeat these results on 23rd May, then we will be celebrating again soon!

  • Article: May 1, 2019

    Local elections are being held across much of England tomorrow. Councils' decisions affect many things close to home. Here are a few reasons to ensure that Liberal Democrats are the ones making those choices:

    1. Local politics is in our DNA. Lib Dem councillors have a strong track record of listening, working hard and getting things done. We empower communities to take decisions at the lowest possible level - not impose it from Westminster. Lib Dem councils build more houses, are greener and invest more in policing and schools than those run by other parties. We deliver good quality services at a fair price to local residents.

  • Article: May 1, 2019

    Yesterday, Labour confirmed their position on a People's Vote. As expected, they've stuck to the same old Brexit fudge. Jeremy Corbyn is letting down his MPs, members and voters by refusing to fight to give you the final say.

    The Liberal Democrats demand better. Brexit is the biggest issue of the moment. The people deserve clarity from Labour. But all they're getting is a cynical attempt at playing both sides.

  • Article: Apr 30, 2019

    The Labour Party are officially pro-Brexit.

    In the crucial vote of their NEC tonight, Labour confirmed their policy on Brexit:

    1. Work with the Tories to deliver Brexit.
    2. Win a General Election, so they can deliver Brexit.
    3. Maybe hold a referendum, but only if they can't deliver Brexit.

    If you're a Remainer, that makes your choice even clearer.

    A vote for Labour is a vote for Brexit - it's the same as voting for the Tories or the Brexit party.

    A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit.

  • Article: Apr 30, 2019

    We launched our brand new supporters scheme at conference last weekend. So far, over 5000 people have signed up - a huge welcome to you all!

    Are you on the fence about joining them? Here's some of the reasons they gave us as to why they registered:

    1. Brexit. We're the party of Remain. We're not giving up on that.

    2. Brilliant local Liberal Democrats. MPs, devolved parliamentarians, councillors, activists - take a bow. 👏

    3. Being fed up of the Conservatives.

    4. Being fed up of Labour. These last 2 came up a lot, funnily enough...

    5. The emails they receive from us. Oh, stop it you.

    6. They watched our Party Political Broadcast. You can watch it here:

    7. For a fairer voting system. Because your vote should have the same worth wherever you cast it.

    8. To feel more engaged in politics.

  • Article: Apr 30, 2019

    In terms of furthering his Tory leadership ambitions, it's been a very successful year. In terms of tackling the knife crime epidemic, ending the Hostile Environment or providing certainty to the 3.6 million EU citizens living in the UK, not so much…

    1. Blaming the police for Tory cuts

    Faced with a surge in knife crime, police forces across the country are crying out for cash to reverse the £1 billion of Tory cuts that have taken 5,000 officers off the streets since 2015.

  • Article: Apr 29, 2019

    Getting out campaigning for the first time can be really difficult. I've been there, and I totally get it.

    But here's 9 reasons why I love campaigning, and why you should give it a go - especially ahead of the 2019 local elections!

    1. Getting Liberal Democrats Elected

    Okay, so this is the obvious one, but it's so important.

  • Article: Apr 28, 2019

    There's been a lot of talk about tactical voting in the EU elections.

    The method of voting used for European Parliament elections - d'Hondt - means it's still possible to split the vote.

    d'Hondt elections divvy up multiple seats based on parties' relative performances. But because of the way this is calculated, parties that get markedly more votes will be in with a chance of getting extra seats. Vote totals are divided by 1, 2, 3... etc up to the number of seats up for grabs, and then seats are allocated to the highest totals produced. See below for an example:

  • Article: Apr 27, 2019

    We launched our European campaign on Friday - and the reception has been great.

    We set out a simple, clear message - that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to stop Brexit. It's resonated loud and clear with Remainers up and down the country.

  • Article: Apr 27, 2019

    Chris Davies, the Conservative MP for Brecon & Radnorshire has been fined and given community service for making false expenses claims.

    This triggers a recall petition, where the residents have a chance to demand a new MP.

    We need to ensure at least 10% of voters there take the time to sign the petition which will mean a by-election is called.