Falmouth Town Councillors and Campaigners

John Spargo - Smithick Ward

John Spargo

60 Kimberley Park Road, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 2DD,



Celia downie - arwenack Ward

Celia Downie ()

Celia has previously served as a County, Unitary Liberal Democrat councillor and was chair of her Parish Council before moving to Falmouth. She recently stepped down as Chair of a Westcountry heritage group. With a Masters degree in garden history and 30 years experience in planning, she continues to advise heritage groups on conservation issues across the country. Celia is keen to take an active role in looking after significant buildings and gardens in Falmouth, particularly those in the care of Falmouth Town Council such as the Princess Pavilion. A former teacher, Celia has two daughters and four grandchildren.

07434 774053


Finian mccormick - arwenack Ward

Finian McCormick Falmouth Arwenack ()

Finian McCormick is our born and bred Falmouth Arwenack candidate. Having grown up in Falmouth and having had a successful international career in property, Finian is passionate about bringing fresh enthusiasm to the role of councillor for his hometown.

07434 774053